Tween F.O.M.O is a brand new holiday club for Tweens aged 13 to 15 years.

What is a tween you ask? Tween is a relatively new term for those kids who are in that stage between child and teen. Tween comes from the word “beTWEEN”. Tweens are usually in upper primary or lower secondary school and slowly gaining their own independence.

F.O.M.O is an abbreviation for “Fear Of Missing Out”. In our experience Tweens who generally need to go to school holiday program experience serious F.O.M.O when they think about what their friends are doing during the holidays.

This is where we come in. We have developed a new holiday club just for those older kids aged 13 plus, full of exciting excursions and adventures that are planned just for them. Each day we have a very small group of tweens, a mini bus and an open book of adventures. We have a central meeting place at De La Salle College (1318 High Street, Malvern). Once everyone has arrived we head out for the day. Our days will include fun and exciting experiences such as zip lining, tobogganing, geocaching, rock climbing, laser force and heaps more.

So don’t hesitate, enrol today and we’ll be in touch with the details of our next program so you can book in.